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Indonesian Zoo Watch

Indonesian Zoo Watch (IZW) is at the heart of ISAW’s work. Back in 2004, ISAW began as an organization whose sole purpose was to advocate better living conditions for animals in zoos. Today, we seek to amplify that goal by working together with various stakeholders: local governments, zoo management authorities, youth and people in the society.

Yes, that’s right. We need YOUR help to become a Zoo Watcher!

The responsibility of creating a zoo environment that is free from cruelty and free from animal suffering is our responsibility. Animals are sentient beings that deserve to lead happy, healthy, and natural lives wherever they may be. And we humans deserve to live in a world that is humane, a world that is free from animal cruelty and suffering.

Help ISAW help animals by taking part in our zoo watch program. It only takes 3 simple steps:

1)    Download ISAW Zoo Watcher’s Feedback Form
2)    Visit your local zoo and take the zoo check form with you (don’t forget to take a camera or video camera too – the more detailed the evidence, the better!)
3)    Fill out the zoo check form, scan, and send it back to us via email or alternatively use your notes to fill in our online zoo report form.

Remember, the more detailed the evidence, the stronger our case will be to bring about positive change for the animals. Together we can work to improve the condition of zoo facilities, support more animal-friendly zoos, and hopefully see a day when all wild animals are no longer kept in captivity and may roam free in the wild where they belong.