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What is a Zoo?

According to the Indonesian Zoo and Aquarium Association (PKBSI), a zoo is defined as:

“A park or green open space or green lane managed as an ex-situ conservation institution that is used to contain, care for the welfare, and exhibit wild animals to the public. Wild animals held in a zoo include protected wildlife and unprotected wildlife based on Indonesian Law, and will be bred in captivity to maintain genetic diversity.”

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Forestry No. P.53/Menhut-II/2006 on conservation bodies, a zoo is:

“A space that has a primary function as a conservation entity, which strives to provide care for and breed different wildlife species in an ethical manner that honors animal welfare principles in order to develop new habitats as a way to protect the species through rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to nature as well as a means for education, research, development of science and technology, and as a healthy recreational facility.”

Referring to the above two definitions, it is clear that honoring animal welfare standards is a requirement that deserves serious attention in the management of a zoo in Indonesia.